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AFFIRMATIONS (from 40 day abundance with Julie Kleinhans)

  • Today, I am Looking Up and Placing My Trust in the Opulent, Invincible and Unlimited Power Behind All Forms of Life.

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  • I AM Aligning My Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions and Imagination with the Power for Good, Love and Wealth.

  • The Outer World Is a Reflection of My Inner Imagination, Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs. Today I Cease Believing that Money or any Person, Place, Organization or Things Is The Source of My Supply.

  • My Supply Comes Through My Awareness of the Universal Presence of Love and Intelligence that Is Available to Everyone.

  • My Love and Passion For My Purpose and Mission Is Growing Stronger Each Day and I AM Joyously Engaged in My Right Livelihood.

  • I Am Being Warmly Nurtured and Abundantly Bestowed With All of the Riches of the Inner and Outer Worlds.

  • Surrendering In to Peace and Gratitude I know that this and Every Moment is Full and Overflowing with Material and Spiritual Riches.

  • All the Time, Money, Energy and Love I need to Live a Beautiful, Meaningful, Abundant and Happy Life Is Continuously Flowing to Me thru Me and Around Me.

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